Learn how to harness the power of the cloud all the way out to the edge to build the dynamic real-time systems of tomorrow.

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Note: This article originally appeared in from under the title “Unleash the Power of Fog Computing”

The Current State of Data Processing Systems

For the last 5 years, enterprises have been scrambling to centralize their analytics processing on the cloud (hence the current $20B+ valuations of Databricks & Snowflake)…

Making your AI products collaborate with people to acheive their goals

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In a , I introduced the concept that AI is not going to achieve the massive financial impact that analysts have predicted. This is because the majority of the problems it is predicted to “solve” (via prescriptive analytics) are complex in nature, and therefore very difficult to solve using…

It’s going to take another step change in analytics capability to realize the trillions of dollars in value being tied to AI

Most of the analysis of AI Value Generation takes it for granted that AI will cross a pretty big chasm. A few years in, the technology has advanced but the techniques for using it are still lacking. Image by from

Where does AI Value come from?

Recently, the McKinsey Global Institute predicted that by valuing a set of 120 AI use cases across 12 industries. Based on my analysis, these use cases focus primarily on problems requiring prescriptive analytics, where the AI must make…

All you need is a Smart Bulb and an hour to automate the communication of your meeting status to your kids as Red/Green

High-level system architecture diagram for the Zoom->Smart Bulb Integration

If you’re finding this article, then you likely are looking for ways to help your kids (or roomates) know that you’re in a Zoom meeting and its not a good time to come in and bother you. I have a that goes into the reasons that I built…

It’s amazing how much a simple indicator can change the relationship with your kids while you’re working from home

Red Light means mommy / daddy is in a meeting, better be quiet and leave the door closed.

Kids Barging into your Zoom Meetings?

It’s a problem that everyone has had to contend with throughout the Pandemic: you’re making the big pitch in a Zoom meeting, and your daughter or son comes bursting through the door to run up, give you a big hug, and tell you that they love you (or that they…

A lack of trust will dramatically impact your efforts to become data driven unless you proactively limit the spread of mistrust from data quality incidents.

It only takes a small problem to shake someone’s trust in data, but it takes a lot of deliberate effort to make them realize it was just one problem, not a larger issue. Even mature data organizations run this risk, as it is impossible to fully eliminate all data quality…

Simple, highly effective, faded into the background of your life

If this is your general working life, then Krisp will make it better without getting in the way. Image Source:

Two ways to learn about AI Product Design

At last year’s AWS re:Invent conference, I attended a roundtable session with a group of thought leaders focused on the effects of User Experience design in AI systems. It was the most profound experience I had that week in Vegas, and I’m already looking forward to getting back together with…

Just like in chemistry, a data catalyst can dramatically speed up the rate at which your data ends up how you want it

Catalyzing the decomposition of (lots of) Hydrogen Peroxide created this massive foam blob. Photo courtesy of Vlog Squad. .

Catalyzing a reaction accelerates it

In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. Without a catalyst, the reaction will happen eventually, but adding the catalyst causes the reaction to happen (often dramatically) faster. Even better, the catalyst is unaffected by the reaction and can be re-used again…

A detailed look at the missing Data Owner role that keeps organizations from becoming data driven.

In a discussion with a colleague recently, I learned about an interesting paradox. Despite the massive rise in the amount of data generated, captured, stored, and analyzed (), and the multi-trillion-dollar analytics valuations from & , every year business…

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